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The Ring Roamer is a mobile photo booth. It was designed to add an extra level of interactivity to the party. Instead of being anchored, you can move around and get closer to the action. Whether it's on the dance floor, in the middle of the crowd, or even mounted on a stand, the our ring roamer allows you to capture the most interesting moments in real time. The fun and excitement is contagious, and you'll soon have people chasing you down and forming lines to get their picture taken. It's a whole new way to experience the party!

Ring Roamer.JPG.png

Ring Roamer Pricing

Package Includes:

Unlimited Pictures
Unlimited GIFS & Boomerangs
Custom Overlay
Online Photo Gallery
Text to Phone Option
Email Option
Photo Booth Attendant

3 Hours  -  $350
4 Hours  -  $450

*Free with any Glitz & Glam package!

RG Roamer 3.jpg

Contact us today to book your next Ritzy Glitzy event! 

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